Schedule of Topics
Workshop/Speaking Engagements
Schools, Youth Groups, and Educators
Premise of Workshop
American college students are in trouble.  Every semester I see scores
of students who are frustrated, ill-prepared, and unable to handle the
demands of college.  The end result is a huge waste of time and
money as thousands of college students change their career goals
and admit to a big dose of humble pie because they're not ready to
step up to the academic plate in college.  Christian students aren't
immune to the problem.  They ought to be our best college students,
but I find few differences academically between secular and Christian
students.  The purpose of this workshop is to equip current and
prospective college students with the attitudes, principles, and skills
they need to be successful in college.
Who Should Attend?
  • College-bound Christian students.
  • Their parents.  
  • Ministers.
  • Education professionals.
  • Interested affinity groups who care about education and its
    direction in our nation.
What You Receive
  • Reasons why most high school students aren't ready for college
    prime time.
  • Characteristics of the current generation of college students.
  • The unique situation of Christian college students in a secular
  • Effective strategies for guaranteed academic success.
  • Common bad habits and mistakes made by college students.
  • How to manage student life outside the college classroom.
  • How to effectively live the Christian life as a college student in a
    major university.
Schedule of Topics
The High School to College Transition
  • How feel-good education has affected you.
  • The millennial generation.
  • The seduction of grade inflation.
  • The dollar value of being a good student.
  • Should everyone go to college?
  • Surviving the dreaded freshman year.
  • The numbers and nerds hardship.

Strategies of Mastering College-Level Work
  • Effective study skills.
  • Time management.
  • Test taking skills.
  • Using campus resources.
  • How to set and achieve goals.
  • Changing bad student habits.

Managing College Life
  • Christian, secular, or junior college?
  • Working during college.
  • Getting through in four years.
  • The necessity of quiet time.
  • Resisting the pull of secular culture.
  • What to do when the bottom falls out.
  • What parents should know about college.
$50 per family.  Parents are
encouraged to attend with their
college-age son or daughter.  
Minimum 7 attendees per
Workshop.  Cost includes a
bound notebook on workshop
topics.  Churches with less than
7 interested parties may buddy
up with neighboring churches to
reach the minimum number.  
Group rates for larger school or
church audiences are available.
Workshop Cost
A host church or school to
provide an appropriate room for
the Workshop.
What We Need
How To Respond
Interested churches, schools,
and pastors are encouraged to
identify faculty, counselors, and
prospective or current college
students who would benefit
from this Workshop.

Either . . .

Contact us to arrange a time for
the Workshop at your location.  I
will travel to your location and
meet with your students and
their families; or

Watch the Calendar section of
this Website for Workshops that
may be offered in your area.
Did You Know?  

Skill Requirements are

Percentage of new jobs by
skill level . . .

38% - Competent (some
post-secondary education)
26% - Advanced (bachelors'
degree or higher
24% - Basic (high school
12% - Minimal (high school

Source:  Bureau of Labor
Did You Know?  

Lagging National
Performance in Education

Currently, 2/3 of U.S. high
school graduates go on to
college, but only 1/2 end up
with degrees.  This ranks with

In the 1970's, American baby
boomers earned college
degrees at a far greater rate
than people in any other
country.  Today, younger U.S.
workers (ages 25-34) rank
just 10th among 30
commonly compared nations
in earning associate degrees
or above.
In addition to discussing material to help college students, we also
seek to help 1) parents understand what factors are affecting their
children's education; 2) secondary educators who seek to prepare
their students for college; 3) youth ministers and pastors who deal with
teenagers; 4) employers who are trying to understand today's new
college graduates.
Did You Know?

A Pew Research Center
survey (2007) found that
Gen Y's top life goals are to
be rich (81%) and famous
(51%).  The numbers are
breathtaking.  That's the
ticket of choice for most
Gen Y students.  Should it
be the ticket of choice for
you as a Christian?
Ministry to Students
Michael J. Bozack, Ph.D.
Department of Physics
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849
Levels of Engagement
Level 1:  Dr. Bozack is able to
accept a limited number of
invitations to speak to groups of
high school faculty, students, or
church youth groups.  An effective
format for these is a Q & A  
format.  These are offered
without charge.

Level 2:  He also has prepared
materials for an afternoon or
evening workshop, which is
offered at low cost to institutions
and groups who wish a  
workshop-style presentation of
the topics described below.