Book Offering
Street-Smart Advice to Christian College Students
Table of Contents

1        Introduction
  • The National Downward Trend in American Education
  • Why Money and Computers Aren’t the Savior
  • Monetary and Societal Value of Being a Good Student
  • Should Everyone Go to College?
  • What about Advanced Placement (AP) Courses?

2        The Students of Today
  • The Millennial Generation
  • Characteristics of Millennial Students
  • Riding the Crest of Grade Inflation
  • Surviving the Dreaded Freshman Year
  • Whatever Happened to Curiosity?
  • The Numbers and Nerds Hardship

3        Distinctives of Christian Students
  • Christian and Secular Students
  • The Value of Secular Higher Education
  • Christian College or Secular University?
  • Role of the Christian Work Ethic
  • What Should Motivate Students?

4        Strategies for Academic Success
  • The Learning Onion
  • Strategy #1:  Developing Effective Study Skills
  • Strategy #2:  Time Management        
  • Strategy #3:  Test Taking
  • Strategy #4:  Using Campus Resources
  • Strategy #5:  Navigating the Career Process        
  • Strategy #6:  Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Strategy #7:  Changing Bad Student Habits

5        How Professors Work and Why You Should Care
  • Getting into Your Professor’s Mind
  • Why Students Fail Classes
  • Passion and Tough Love
  • Getting to Know Your Teacher Personally
  • What College Professors Do Besides Teach
  • Why There Aren’t More Good College Professors
  • The Role of Gender in Learning
  • How Professors Grade

6        Managing Student Life
  • Enjoying College Life
  • Choosing a College Living Situation
  • Working During College
  • Getting Through College in Four Years
  • Handling College Relationships
  • Resisting Negative College Influences
  • College Sex
  • Drugs, Booze, Cigarettes
  • Influence of the Culture on Christian Students

7        Living the Christian Life as a College Student
  • The Importance of Quiet Time
  • Choosing a College Church
  • Being a Christian Witness on the Secular Campus
  • Valuable Christian College Ministries
  • Doing Volunteer Work in College
  • What to Do When the Bottom Falls Out
Guidelines to Success in College
Ministry to Students
Michael J. Bozack, Ph.D.
Department of Physics
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849
Campus Crusade for Christ

Check out a recent piece I
wrote for My Ministry Moment
Committing Academic
Suicide, which describes the
difficult decisions a Christian
faces at key points in life.  

My Ministry Moment is a
devotional for college
professors sponsored by the
Faculty Commons, the faculty
ministry of Campus Crusade
for Christ.
What Readers are Saying
Media Interviews

June 26, 2009
Auburn Alumni Association

September 3, 2009
The Daily Beast

October 15, 2009
Good Life Broadcasting, WTGL
TV 52
Lake Mary, FL (Orlando)

June 29, 2010
Control Track TV
ICRS, 2010, St. Louis, MO

June 30, 2010
Christian Book Previews
ICRS, 2010, St. Louis, MO

August 19, 2010
Phil Waldrep Ministries
Decatur, AL

July 11, 2011
Homeschool Companion
ICRS 2011, Atlanta, GA
What Readers are Saying
"My mother, who runs a dinky
little Christian bookstore, put
your book in my hands last
night.  She has done this sort
of thing many times over my
lifetime and usually her
gestures, although
appreciated, end in boredom.
Not so this time.  I could
hardly put your book down.  
Half of the book was read by
1:00 this afternoon.  I finished
the rest of it this evening.  By
the way, I am a public school
teacher and understand the
calling you described in your
book about teaching in a
secular environment."
What Readers are Saying
"Professor and personal
friend, Dr. Mike Bozack has
written an outstanding book
called, "Street-Smart Advice
to Christian College
Students". It's a must read
"one-of-a-kind" for any
student, parent, pastor and
educator who wants to see a
student succeed in college.
Get a copy and see if I'm not
right on this one!"

Pastor Bill Purvis, Cascade
Hills Church, Columbus, GA
What Readers are Saying
To read a Book Review
appearing in the Auburn
University Report, September
18, 2009, p. 7
click here.
A newspaper article about
the book appears in the
Auburn Plainsman          (AU
campus newspaper)  
September 25, 2009  
What Readers are Saying
"This helpful book will be of
immense assistance to
freshman students at virtually
any college.  Among other
helpful information, this
interesting tome will help
students and parents alike
better understand topics like
the characteristics of the
current generation of college
students and the unique
challenges involved in
attending a secular university."

The Alabama Baptist
Nov 15, 2009
"This book is a must for all
students planning to attend
college, as well as for the
parents and teachers who
work with them. It provides a
realistic glimpse of the hectic
pace at major universities,
exposes the academic and
spiritual pitfalls which beset
many students, and gives
practical and spiritual advice
for handling it all. As the
mother of an up and coming
college student and as a
public school teacher, I highly
recommend this book."
What Readers are Saying

"when I first picked up your
book, I wondered what I
would learn from it as a
graduating senior.  It was a
pleasure to read with your
tough-love approach and
personal anecdotes, and I
found that it is not simply a
book for incoming freshman.  
The principles and ideas
would be well-received by
Christians in every stage of
life.  I found myself
examining my commitment
to God as well as my work
ethic and goals in life.  You
gave me the gift of
knowledge in the classroom,
and through this book, you
have given me the gift of
wisdom.  I am thankful for

Former AU Student
"love your references to
real life situations . . . the
'get real' attitude you
express . . . 'are you
serious?' is my favorite
comment . . . ties it all to
real life . . .  gets the
point across that college
is more than fun and
games . . . there is a
trade off for everything
you do in life . . . time to
trade in your blankie for a
reasonable amount of
concentration, effort,
focus, and

LK, Texas
What Readers are Saying
"This book has great advice, not
only for students in college, but
for their parents too. The Dr
comes across as human and
caring, which is something the
students need to know. I wish I'd
had a book like this when I was
in college, it never occurred to me
to talk to my Profs, I thought they
were way too busy to take time for
me. I just gave a book to my son
who is starting his senior year, if
I'd known about it earlier, my girls
would have received one too.
There is advice for so many
situations, coming from the
insights of a professor who has
many recollections of his college
years, and also many examples
from current and recent students.
I would recommend this highly."

SC, Michigan
What Readers are Saying
Book also offered by . . .
What Readers are Saying
"Excellent book! I originally
bought this book with the
intention of putting it on the
shelf until my children (now
elementary and pre-school
aged) were ready for college.
Wrong!  From reading this
book, I discovered that there
are things I need to be doing
now to help them develop a
healthy work ethic and
attitude that are required to
do well in high school and
college.  I will use this book
to guide my own children as
well as the students with
whom I work as a guidance
counselor.  This book proves
that even physics professors
have a sense of humor!
Well-written and practical!

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Street-Smart has been in the top
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Books-a-Million for several
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Street-Smart is regularly in the
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